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Eco/Pro Line

The new 600 centerless grinding machine is designed for the production of large parts.

The 600 centerless grinding machine concept is designed for stable processes and maximum reliability and ensures the highest possible machine availability and optimal manufacturing processes. The machine bed and the sledge made of natural granite guarantee thermostable and high-precision grinding processes. This guarantees trouble-free and economical production.

Dressing from the front

The CNC-controlled dressing from the front increases the precision and flexibility through interpolation of the axes (grinding wheel U / W, control wheel X / W). Any profiles can be grinded.

100% natural granite

The solid block construction of the grinding and regulation spindle slide made of 100% natural granite guarantees a constant cylinder shape and optimized surfaces.

Better operability & short set-up times

Changing and adjusting the height of the workpiece and setting up the dressing tools take place outside the grinding area, both manually and automatically. This makes it possible to load several workpieces one after the other onto the support and to process them in one cycle.

Roughing and finishing in the same cycle

Roughing and finishing in the same cycle using grinding wheels with different grits.

  • Distribution of the grinding process over several disks for workpieces with one complex geometry or sharp edges. The W axis moves to the different positions (software option: multiple plunge cycle).
  • Oscillation loops for workpieces with high surface requirements

More reliable – everything is linear

Linear guides
Linear motors
Linear measuring systems

  • Resolution 0.00001 mm
  • Feeding accuracy 0.0001 mm
  • No Backlash

Customer-oriented approach

Automation and measuring stations can be integrated at any time. The layout and process can be customized.

Description 600 ecoLine/proLine
Number of CNC axes ecoLine 3 / proLine 4
Through feed grinding range Ø 150 mm
Plunge grinding range Ø 250 mm
Grinding wheel width /Grinding lenght plunge grinding max. 500 mm
Grinding wheels Ø 610 mm
Grinding wheels bore diameter 304.8 mm
Regulating wheels Ø 410 mm
Regulating wheels bore diameter 254 mm
Drive power grinding spindle 30 / 60 kW
Peripheral speed grinding wheel (V-constant) max. 63 m/s
Speed regulating wheel (infinitely variable) 5-1000/min
CNC control Fanuc 0i
Resolution 0.1 µ
Dimensions L x T x H 3700 x 3000 x 2220
Weight 24 t

ecoLine & proLine

The unique TSCHUDIN centerless grinding machine concept with digitalised configuration and grinding processes is designed for the highest possible process stability and machine availability. Linear drives on the X-, U- and W-axis ensure flexibility and productivity. The centreless grinding machine proLine also has a patented fourth CNC-axis (Y-axis, Patent US 9.085.059) for vertical movement of the regulation wheel. The work rest and dressing tool of the regulation wheel are fixed in position at the height of the grinding wheel.

3 axes
Manual settings

U grinding wheel axis
W workpiece / dressing axis
X regulation wheel axis

Manual settings

1 – Configuring the workpiece superelevation
2 – Setting the height of the dressing tool

4 axes
Full automation

U grinding wheel axis
W workpiece / dressing axis
X regulation wheel axis
Y height adjustable regulation wheel

CNC controlled setting
of the regulation wheel height

The workrest and dressing tool of the regulation wheel are fixed in position at the height of the grinding wheel. This means the height of the workrest no longer needs to be adjusted.

New compact centerless grinding machine

CUBE 350 serie

  • Minimum space, maximum efficiency
  • All-rounder with short set-up times
  • The compact centerless grinding machine enables safe and ergonomic manual loading by right-handed or left-handed operators alike, patent pending.
  • The CUBE 350 has been developed specially for machining small components and small batch.


ecoLine/proLine Serie

  • The 400 proLine is the flagship of our centerless grinding machines.
  • The 400 centerless grinding machine is ideal for machining medium-sized workpieces suitable for part diameters up to 150 mm.