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Manufacturing Machinery World: The world’s most compact CNC centreless grinding machine

TSCHUDIN (hall 7 stand 7086) are exhibiting their latest CUBE 350 grinding machine stated as being the world’s most compact CNC centreless grinding machine. A feature on all Tschudin machines is their patented movable workrest axis (W-Axis) which allows for additional grinding processes such as the highly efficient multi part grinding of several parts at a time or to split up grinding processes in the same grinding cycle to have both a rough and also a finish grinding operation in one automatic set-up. Thanks to the W-axis, the loading and unloading of the workpieces is always outside of the grinding zone, allowing simplified and safe automation or safe manual loading. This feature is highly attractive for those looking to meet health & safety obligations because otherwise the hand loading of parts to centreless grinding machines can be dangerous. With the machine base and the spindle blocks made from natural granite; Tschudin is mastering the worst enemy of grinding which is thermal expansion due to heat variances. The Tschudin CUBE machine that has a plunge grinding capacity for parts from 0.1 to 20 mm in diameter will also be a central feature on the AGS stand at the forthcoming Mach show.