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SWISS Pavilion @ 2021CIMT Beijing China

At a glance

Tschudin: Halle W3, Stand B207
Date: 12.04.2021 – 17.04.2021
Place: NCIEC – New China International Exhibition Center
Regular cycle: every two years

China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) founded in 1989 by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association, is the most prestigious international machine tool exhibition in China every odd-numbered year. It is one of the big-four international machine tools exhibition in the world.
In the past 30 years, the international influence of CIMT has been increasing. It has become an important place for technology exchange and trade of international advanced manufacturing. It has become a platform for the latest achievements in modern equipment manufacturing technology. It is a vane and barometer for the progress of mechanical manufacturing technology and the development of machine tool industry in China. CIMT brings together the most advanced and applicable machine tool products in the world. It is an international showcase for domestic buyers and users.

Experience, discuss, compare. We are happy to take time for you. Make an appointment and meet us at the SWISS Pavilion @ 2021CIMT Beijing China .